2 Week cluster lashes and hopi candle ear treatment (fly away beauty treatments)

So today I went to see the gorgeous Nicole White at Fly Away Beauty Treatments

I was meant to have a body wrap but because Nicole is highly professional and didn’t realise I was taking slimming tablets I didn’t have this treatment in case any of the ingredients in the tablets would trigger a reaction within the wrap or vice versa. So in respect of that I had 2 week cluster lashes and hopi candle ear treatment.

I’ll start with the cluster lashes. This is Nicoles signature treatment that she is known for and has the most bookings for and you can see for yourself why!


These are little individual clusters of lash and they are individually glued along the lash line however sparce or dramatic you want to get your desired effect.

So I started by laying on the treatment bed and Nicole asked me my desired length and thickness and what look I was hoping for as an end result. I chose to have mine lengthened and thickened but natural and not highly dramatic.

I closed my eyes and Nicole stuck the first few down then asked me to open my eyes to see if I was comfortable and the glue was ok etc (to be honest i never even knew she’d started as I didn’t feel a thing it was so gentle!). After she knew I was fine she proceeded with the rest of the eye. One by one strategically placing lashes to give a natural effect and maintaining asking me to open my eyes throughout further checking my eyes felt ok all the way through. After the first eye was complete I was offered to look but chose not to, to save the surprise for completion.

So she then continued onto the next eye repeating the same method as the first. Once Nicole felt happy with my look both with closed and opened eyes to ensure no gaps were missed she let me have a look. I was blown away! They look fantastic, natural yet enhanced. I don’t even feel like I have anything on as they’re not heavy or tickling or stinging etc. I can’t wait to see how long they last!

After my lashes were complete we had time for the hopi ear candle treatment. This treatment is good for clearing the ears, helping with ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and blocked sinuses or someone who’s prone to colds and flus.

This treatment consists of what looks like a candle which is actually papyrus and a acetate disc with a hole in the middle (for the candlestick to fit snuggly) that looks like a CD for want of a better expression.

You lay on your side on the treatment bed, ear facing upwards. What she does then is places the candlestick through the hole in the disc and then the bottom of the candlestick is placed carefully inside the ear. The candle is then lit. The oxygen created by burning the candle sucks all the wax and nasty stuff from the ear drum up through the inside hollow of the stick where it collects. Throughout this process you can hear like a faint TV tuning muffled sound. The candle has a marked area around half way down where it burns out so your 100% safe and no heat will be exposed to the ear whatsoever.

Once the candlestick had burnt out, Nicole then removes the remaining stick from the ear leaving it unblocked, cleaner feeling and your hearing more clear and susceptible to noises.The next bit is not for the faint hearted haha but rather intriguing if I do say so myself. If you wish the remaining hollow can be cut open and you can expose how much came out of the ear. Not very nice but fascinating when you think good old cotton ear buds are doing the trick!

I would highly recommend both treatments. The lashes definitely for an occasion or holiday or even if you just love lashes!! And the hopi candle treatment as above for people suffering with sinus problems, need ears syringing or tinnitus sufferers or just an alternative treat as it’s calming.

Thank you xoxo

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