Body inch loss wrap (forever living)

So yesterday I went to see Nicole at Fly Away Beauty Treatments situated in Barnsley town centre to have a body inch loss wrap. Instantly you just click with Nicole. She’s so friendly and chatty that you just feel comfortable and at ease in her presence.

So with the inch loss wrap you can have up to three areas wrapped;
1) arms (bingo wing area)
2) thighs
3) stomach

You can choose either one, two or all three areas and they can be wrapped at the same time.

So how it works?

First you are asked to strip preferably to underwear to make it accessible for the chosen area(s) to be wrapped. However, don’t be alarmed! If you lack confidence then you could always wear something like a vest top or shorts if you’re not completely comfortable getting down to your underwear. Nicole completely understand and will do whatever you deem comfortable.

When the areas needed are exposed she uses a mit with a gentle scrub just to cleanse the area and allow the skin to absorb as much as possible.

There’s then an activating cream that gets hot and absorbs into the skin. The cream was quite a thick cream and had the smell of aniseed (however no aniseed is in it and they all natural & aloe products). Nicole massaged this into my thigh and stomach area as these are the two I chose to be wrapped.

Once the cream had been worked into the skin for several minutes, I was wrapped in clingfilm on these areas. Making the cream work its magic and allowing the skin to trap the heat.

At this point you can cover over if you wish with a towel and relax on the beauty therapy bed for approximately 1 hour. During this time me and Nicole were just chatting away and the skin started to feel hot and tingly. Not uncomfortable but as though I was laid on warm marble or stone and quite therapeutic.

After the time had elapsed I stood up and Nicole unwrapped the clingfilm. (The areas were slightly red but that’s from where the heat was preserved it didn’t feel uncomfortable in anyway).

After the clingfilm was taken off she washed the cream that was already on the skin off and it instantly felt cool and nice. She then put on a final cream which to optimise results should be left on overnight. This cream was more like a moisturiser though and soaked into the skin so that was ok.

My before measurements were;
Stomach 77 cm
Thighs both 49 cm

The following morning;
Stomach 74 cm
Thighs both 45 cm (one thigh nearer to 44 cm)

An overall loss of 11 cm equivalent to 4 inches!
I have posted before pictures (as you can see we remembered after putting the activating cream on) and after pictures (this morning approx 19 hours later)

My Verdict?

I would definitely recommend either for an upcoming event or as a course weekly / fortnightly for water retention problems or weight loss / excess skin problems. I also feel alot better in myself. My stomach feels more tense and thighs firmer and in general don’t feel bloated.


1 area £14
2 areas £20
3 areas £25


5 wraps over 5-10 weeks- £50 saving you £20

10 wraps over 10-20 weeks- £90 saving you a massive £50!!

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