Drops of youth bouncy sleep mask – bodyshop

So this product is page 19 in the bodyshop brochure from the lovely Sarah Green on offer when quoting ‘beauty by trial‘ upon ordering for £20 instead of £22.

This mask is designed to be left on over night and claims to leave skin feeling bouncier and replenished. Well …. it certainly does its job in my opinion.

There’s a cute little diagram in the bodyshop brochure on the same page as the product showing you the correct / desired method to apply to the skin. I made sure before bed my face was totally cleansed then applied using the diagram; over the rainbow (brows) at your forehead, under the eye bags so to speak and then under the sea meaning at your neck dragging up the jaw line then a final pitter patter tapping with your finger tips all over. It’s all in the diagram anyhow 🙂

After I’d finished the technique advised I went to bed (as you sleep in the mask). It was a weird sensation on the face … it felt like I had put a peel face mask on and it had started to set and tickle the face, from this moment I knew it must’ve been doing something. (Please note this does not peel away it just felt like that ticklish sensation). I slept in the cream all night and the next morning washed my face as normal with normal soap.

Instantly after cleaning my face it was glowing and felt replenished. It just looked brighter and naturally beautiful (not in an egotistical way). This is definitely good for a treat or even more so if you haven’t invested in any good day / night creams to make your skin looks more illuminated and brighter the following morning.

☆☆☆☆☆ from me, was a pleasure to trial. Xoxo

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