The Soap House Co.

So this company The Soap House Co. is a really cute, unique little company that hand makes different scented and flavoured soaps and lip balms from all natural oils meaning the majority of their products are allergen free.

When the package arrived I was overwhelmed and excited. I received a box of different items and inside was 3 different soaps individually packed in their own cardboard printed holder and inside neatly wrapped in decorative tissue paper also and the balms also in tissue but in their own little carriable pots neatly labelled with company details and flavour.

So the soaps were as follows;
1 x Lightly Scented Lemon & Lime
1 x Pure & Simple
1 x Lighty Scented Lavendar

All three of these were exactly as described. Not too overpowering but a subtle scent, my personal favourite being the lavender one. It was so calm smelling and was a nice one to use after a long day. The pure and simple one made my skin feel extra clean and fresh (possibly the smell adding to that effect). And the lemon wasn’t as lemony smelling as I thought but it is lightly scented … would be a good one to take away on holiday in my opinion.

Secondly the lip balms ….. These are amazing!! They all look the same colour, texture and packaging but they all have different flavours.
I received 6 of these to try;

* Cherry
* Mixed berry
* Coconut
* Apple
* Raspberry
* Pineapple

The lip balms are essential to heal, repair and moisturise your lips as well as protect them from the elements and that they certainly do! They are so nourishing and soft and instantly make your lips feel great. They absorb into the lips after around an hour which I feel personally is really good for a lip balm as they’re usually rubbed off within 5 minutes. My favourite of the 6 ( and it was an extremely hard choice) mixed berry .. so fruity for a balm.

Please, please give this company a like on facebook and check out their website too!! One of my favourite reviews to date.

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