Younique 3d fibre lash

Today I tried the Younique 3d fibre lash mascara & lucrative lip gloss from the lovely Jaime Vyse – Younique by Jai Louise

So you’ve heard everyone raving about 3d fibre lash and how it makes your natural lashes look longer and more dramatic? Well if you’re like me you’d probably be skeptical and think it’s ‘just the promotional pictures‘ …. WRONG?!? This stuff is amazing!!

So I’m not going to lie there does seem to be a nack to it to get it perfect or your desired effect but I’ve only been trying for like 5 minutes or so and I’m happy with my look. I think the more you use the more natural it will become to apply.

Why, isn’t it just a mascara?! Not exactly

How it works is inside the cute little glasses type case holder there are 2 products! A moodstruck transplanting gel and a moodstruck natural fibres (they both just look like mascara wands).

So firstly you take the moodstruck transplanting gel (this is the part that lengthens but without the colour) and apply this to one eye only, because before this gel sets you then immediately cover with a coat of the moodstruck natural fibres (these are the tiny black particles that stick to the gel and thicken the lashes). Then repeat on the other eye.

This all sounds a bit fiddley and if done wrong you can end up with really clumpy heavy lashes BUT I found that if they were starting to look clumpy I resorted back to the gel to thin them out again (alternatively pull back with your fingers and it’s like a black cotton wool clump that just pulls away). Don’t let that put you off though as like I say within 5 minutes for both eyes complete I was ecstatic with the end result.Β 

I perhaps wouldn’t waste this mascara for every day use and I would save for best ie occasions or family meals etc but not for the everyday school run. But that’s just my opinion and you can apply to whatever length, thickness or frequency you wish to do so.

Finally short but sweet I tested the lucrative lip gloss. This is a very nourishing lip gloss that smells like cocoa or shea butter but moisturises the lips and gives them colour. I find a lot of normal lip glosses don’t provide the colour in the tube and once applied they look clear. This colour definitely transfers to the lips. Β It also comes in a thick square lip gloss bottle with a handy little mirror stuck on the side for easy application.


Definitely a thumbs up 👍👍 from me!! Every day use lip gloss and occasion wear mascara in my opinion. Thanks Jaime for letting me try xoxo

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