Pure slimming ltd weight loss review

Weight loss journey solely from taking Lipolos Complex and H2O MAX from Caroline PSltd Tickle at Pure Slimming Ltd.

So I’m currently on Day 10 of the tablets and I’m 6 lb down which is amazing and my bloating has seriously decreased too leaving my stomach flatter!!

I’m currently taking 1 Lipolos complex 30 min before breakfast and 1 30min before lunch and then 2 H2O max before bedtime as advised.

There isn’t a certain diet plan you have to follow with these tablets just generally try and cut out junk, eat healthy and no carb intake after 5pm if possible. Although if you struggle with meal plans and committing to eating healthy off your own back Caroline was more than willing to do me a diet plan if necessary.

I’ve tried to stick to eating fruit in a morning, soup or tuna (light lunch) and then one item of meat ie pork chop, chicken breast, small steak etc with vegetables (mainly green) for tea. I’ve also been drinking black coffee, green tea and lots of water (8 glasses of water if possible is key to heighten weight loss).

I must admit I’ve cheated a few nights and had one glass of wine but I have been really good with food, without starving myself but eating healthy and drinking water when feeling ‘hungry’ as 90% of the time it’s thirst your body is craving.

I do highly recommend these tablets they are fantastic.

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3 thoughts on “Pure slimming ltd weight loss review

    1. Hi hun

      I cheated a little I had a glass of wine a few times. But other than that I just generally tried to stick to the protein diet. Where you eat eggs or fruit in a morning and then you eat dinner and lunch a small portion of meat loaded with vegetables.

      I didn’t stick to it thoroughly though just s general guide as some days I would eat soup or tuna too.

      Hope this helps 🙂


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