Lesley Turley – semi permanent makeup 💋

So here are some pictures of my semi permanent lip journey to date from the lovely Lesley Turleys permanent cosmetics. (Doncaster, Leeds, Huddersfield and Bradford) I’ve made a picture sequence numbered 1-6 of the process …


1) As you can see my top lip was practically non existent and there was no clear definition to my lips. They more or less just blended into my face and never really stood out. Its been a running joke by family and friends for a long time that I’ve had no top lip haha everyone used to notice it.

2) So Lesley started by putting on some anaesthetic cream. I must say too this stuff was amazing!! within 10 minutes I couldn’t feel my mouth. My lips were doing alsorts involuntarily and I may of dribbled a little too haha (apparently this was normal so I didn’t feel too embarrassed). Once this had absorbed and my lips feeling ready to be tattooed we started with the shape

Lesley measured my lips and my cupids bow to make sure they were as accurate as possible but also followed the natural lip line too with a rounder and a flatter side to my natural lip to make it look natural. She took the line slightly higher to make my top lip fuller and she made my cupids bow neater and more perfect (all this is done in a lip pencil to get the desired lip line.) Lesley will not tattoo until you’re both 100% happy with the shape! 

So from here I laid on the tattoo bed and the tattooing process began. Starting with the outline that is pre pencilled she works her way around the lips. (If anyone has had a tattoo previously, I think it just feels like a tattoo but at the lip area .. not really anymore sensitive until you get the the plumper parts of the lip. For those who haven’t it feels like a sharp scratch a bit uncomfortable and the area makes your eyes want to water or you feel like you want to sneeze but it’s certainly bearable – perhaps depends on your pain threshold). So with the outline tattooed a couple of times to lock in colour, Lesley added a ‘broken wound’ anaesthetic – this is an anaesthetic that penetrates underneath the skin to give you extra numbing

After tattooing the outline she started to use circular motions and a different needle to blend the colour inwards to colour the plumper parts of lips. I’m not going to lie by this time I felt like I’d been thumped in the mouth by Mike Tyson, my lips felt huge and the pain starting to kick in but becoming the norm as I was used to it now. However that said the results are so worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  

3) Around 3 hours later – Once all the colour had been inputted into the lips this was the finished result. Packed with colour and slightly swollen but definitely a huge difference! The colour in this picture will decrease by upto 40% to leave a blush of colour that is more natural and not so bold and lipstick looking

After treatment I was given an aftercare sheet … 
use healing balm provided religiously whenever lips feel dry
drink through a straw until healed even tea! (3-5days)
– keep out of direct sunlight
– don’t scrub, wash or pick at them when healing
avoid spicy food until healed

4) Day 2/3 – So as you can see in this picture your lips may get cold sores or scabbing but they will also start the peel when healed, again like a normal tattoo. Don’t pick at them just keep using the balm and they will shed the skin naturally. This process doesn’t hurt I just found it a bit irritating and hard not to pull at or lick your lips because you can feel the skin coming away.

5) Day 4 – almost there!  I found the lips peeled from the inner area outwards. You’re left with a kind of lip liner look of the darker tattooed skin … This will shed though. 

6) YAAAYY! ! Day 5 is here and they’re practically healed. Colour locked in place and significantly lighter. Top lip shaped and defined. Natural fuller looking lips, although the first process is more so about shaping the lips. I will return in around 2 months for a touch up of colour. Tattooing again to make the colour more visible and redefine lines if they need it.

I love my lips to date and I’m sure I will love them even more when they’ve been further tattooed a second time. All above numbered pictures contain no makeup editing or lipstick to show you all the true result. 

I have also included a full makeup shot but again nothing on the lips to show you how they look in respect to your full face and how your look changes.

Thank you Lesley and I’ll see you soon xoxo


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