Botox in a bottle face mask 😄

I’ve had this botox in a bottle face mask sent by the lovely Louize Yvonne Jordan from pizzazz forever for some time (sorry hun!)

But I finally got around to trying it :

Unfortunately the before pictures don’t really show much justice as I’ve got younger skin I haven’t any wrinkles (yet!) … The frown line maybe. But that said this product definitely rejuvenated and brightened up my face


What is it?
You get a powder and an activator liquid. You mix the two together in the measurements provided to form a pinky paste.

Once the paste is made you apply it to the face and neck area avoiding your lips and eyes though. The appearance when on your face looks clear and just like a heavy moisturiser look but no colour.


After around 10/15 minutes the mask started to set. It felt like a plaster cast on my face. Getting tighter by the minute and my face setting to stone I didn’t want to smile as I felt like it would crack.

After 30 minutes of the mixture on my face and my face now feeling like a statue I rinsed the mask off with a good old flannel and bar of soap. This revealed a much brighter and smoother complexion! I have a small frown line (who doesn’t who has kids or a husband! Haha) that noticeably had disappeared.


Louize give me the extra tip of using any left over liquid activator as a Toner to apply to the skin after using the mask! Making my skin feel tighter and fresher.

I think this botox in a bottle is definitely worth the money for a quick face lift for the more mature lady or even as a skin boost and brightener for the younger people before a big event / night out.

Take a look at the pictures for the difference of younger skin or more mature lady like my mum and her botox in a bottle facial experience with this product.


** Special offer for all of March Β£28 including delivery – does up to 20 masks ** get yours here.


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