Demis one stop beauty shop 💕

So today’s review is two products from the lovely Demi Lathams one stop beauty shop.

To try out I was given an anti cellulite cream and some liquid foundation ….. Porcelain color for my fair complexion. So I’ll start with the foundation. 👩

The consistency of the liquid was almost that of water so to be honest I thought the coverage would be to transparent and not cover any blemishes. The smell was quite strange too …. Kind of reminded me of burnt wood or bonfire night funnily enough. As I started to cover my face though I was instantly hooked! I’d not used a primer or a concealer first as I wanted to see what the foundation was like on its own and it didn’t disappoint.


My skin was so smooth and the coverage so flawless but light. I didn’t feel like I had makeup on and in fact it actually felt like a primer as my face was that soft after application.

The top pictures above are purely just the foundation itself and no other makeup and the bottom two are with the addition of mascara blush and gloss. The color too Demi chose by just looking at pictures and it was spot on. Usually porcelain I find makes you look like a ghost from some brands as they’re too white and no warmth of skin tone is added but I found this to complement my fair skin and not leave the dreaded “tidemark” neck line.


Secondly the anti cellulite cream …. Honestly if a product could be dropped from heaven this would be it!!

Its more like a cross between a white body butter and moisturizer .. Thick ish in consistency but absorbs straight into the skin. The smell is lush too! Like a sweet perfumed scent…


I’ve only been using this product for around 2 weeks and look at the difference in the above pictures. My cellulite has practically vanished with no exercises and no dietary changes. I was literally blown away at the change in appearance. I’m super impressed and would put this up there with top 5 product reviews to date!

Thank you Demi for letting me trial your products and don’t forget ladies to check the website.


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