Cosmic Beauty UK – facial sheet masks!

Last night whilst sitting twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do to ease my boredom … I remembered my new sheet masks had arrived from Cosmic Beauty so I thought I’d get one out.


Firstly, because I can here you asking …

What are facial sheet masks?

These particular masks are a new Asian beauty treatment you can do at home … this company sources products from the place itself, Taiwan.

They’re an essence and serum packed face mask you smooth over and stick to your face. You can get different masks for different skin types / problems i.e. collagen boosting, hydrating, acne fighting and pore minimising are a few to name … the full list can be found HERE.


How to use?

As you can see above I chose the ‘Bamboo charcoal + volcano mud extract pore minimising mask’. I’ve recently broke out in a few pimples so thought it might give my skin a bit of a boost!

As directed at the back of packet I washed and cleansed my face so that I was looking beautiful / a bit rough haha but my natural self (spots and all).


Once clean and makeupless I opened the packet and removed what felt like a lubricated spongey backed sheet. I had to unfold this to reveal my mask … eyes nose and mouth cut out ready to wear.

Head tilted back and holes positioned for facial features (spongey, lubricated side towards face) I slapped the mask on and patted down to help stick. Leaving me looking like this beauty….

It was enough to scare the kids off for some peace anyway!

Once you’ve acquired the above look you have to leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes. This was a good opportunity to take a bath and relax! Head placed above water at all times, of course.

After about 25 minutes I was itching to see what I looked like. Honestly …. you’d of thought it promised to transform me into Audrey Hepburn or something!

The verdict?

I peeled back the mask and patted remaining residue left on face into my skin (as directed on packet) and although not the A-lister I was acting like would appear I was not disappointed! My skin significantly glowed, brightened and pimple redness nearly erased!


My skin felt soft, smelt delicious and looked great … HAPPY DAYS!

I absolutely loved trying this mask out. I have another one but a different one to review later on in the year but I’m sure the results will be as promising as this mask.

To reap the full benefits its advised to use weekly … but as a quick pick me up for your skin before a night out or event, I would definitely purchase one.


Not only do Cosmic Beauty UK sell sheet masks … they also sell eye, hand and foots masks and a blackhead remover. I love this quirky little shop and guess what?!??!


Don’t forget to follow them on TwitterΒ and tweet your sheet mask selfie using #cosmicbeautyselfie, Instagram and Facebook too! Xoxo

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