Actiderm HD foundation

Yesterday, whilst suffering from a sickness bug, looking peaky and a bit worse for wear I thought I’d perk myself up with a makeup review!

I received the HD Liquid Foundation #Monmatre yesterday morning from Gaynor Wells. Super fast delivery too I might add.


They have 8 different colours to choose from covering every shade from fair like myself through to dark coloured skin!

Its Key Ingredients are: Green Tea, Calendula, Chamomile, Cornflower, Linden, Vitamin E and St. John’s Wort.

It also contains an tea tree extract acne fighting formula, so not only does it give full coverage of the skin but it helps fight & prevent acne prone skin too. Which yesterday was great for me because my skin seemed to be suffering too…


I used around 2 squirts from the foundation bottle to the whole face and neck area as a base coverage, then a tiny bit more just to give extra coverage to my blemishes and dark circles.

I found the foundation to be thicker than any other liquid foundation I’ve previously used but that was OK as I believe that is what made the coverage so flawless.

The foundation also seemed to give my skin a glow and warmth to the colour. It wasn’t just a flat colour allover. It seemed to settle on the areas needed, like the cheek hollows and hairline. I didn’t feel the need to contour with this foundation or use a concealer which was strange but great as it cut out two makeup products from my usual daily routine!!


As you can see above left is my normal makeup and right actiderm. The only difference between the two pictures is my foundation! Same eye makeup, blusher, eye brow pencil and lipstick but no concealer or contouring needed in the Actiderm photo… Amazing what a difference it makes isn’t it?


At just £20 for 30ml / 1fl oz which picture would you rather be?!


Take a look around other products on Gaynors Actiderm Site and purchase your HD Foundation HERE.

For any queries or contact be sure to join Gaynors group on Facebook!

Check out this page for some fab offers!!

Was a pleasure to review Xoxo

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17 thoughts on “Actiderm HD foundation

  1. This looks great, I often have trouble with bad skin, the need high coverage foundation can make it worse, this though could help with breakouts. Must give it a go soon x


    1. Yes definitely. I suffered with acne throughout childhood and get breakouts now in fits and bursts. Highly recommend xx


  2. Which colour did you use? As i have similar fair skin and always end up looking tango’ed!! Plus do you reckon it would cover freckles?


    1. Hi rosie I used #monmatre it always gave me a warm colour but not orange I looked natural. And yes to the freckles! It covers tattoos and hormonal red spots too! Xx


    1. Hi I’m 49 and just moved companies to fm cosmetics love their foundations. He is always out of stock and got fed up with it. Can you add me on Facebook and I can check your colour . Gaynor wells


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