Grounded body coffee scrub 🛀

Yesterday morning I received my Grounded Coffee Body Scrub, two different types actually. One Cocunut and one Grapefruit blend variety.


Not just any old exfoliator though!! With its ingredients this body scrub will tackle acne, varicous veins, stretch marks, scarring and psoriasis with its ground robusta coffee bean powder.

And oh no it doesn’t stop there either! With naturally pressed oils; Almond & Vitamin E, tightening & toning your skin and the brown sugar & dead sea salt exfoliating, your skin will get an overall mini makeover in the comfort of your own shower 💆


So after my morning workout this morning I decided I’d take a shower (in my bikini to show you some piccies .. Of course!) and use my Grounded coffee scrub – grapefruit blend to see what all the fuss was about 😁

As per the instructions at the back of the pack, I jumped in a warm shower and made sure I had been wet by the water all over before taking a generous scoop from the pack with the tips of my fingers. I rubbed in circular motions over my tummy, thighs & face area.


The chunks were larger but not as harsh as I’d anticipated. The grapefruit smelled quite citrusy but at the same time you could definitely smell the robusta coffee filling the wet room.


It felt as though I had exfoliating gloves on during the process (for anyone who hasn’t exfoliated imagine a light sand paper gently taking away your top layer of dead skin 👍). That said I could certainly feel the moisturising oils setting into my skin as it was a good balance of rough & smooth with the circular motions working into the skin.


The cocunut blend is exactly the same process but smells like pina colada filling your bathroom and is more appropriate for sensitive skin.

Anyway enough waffling …. What happens next?

You leave your scrub on the desired areas for 10-15 mins to work its magic and then rinse off to reveal baby oil like laidened skin!! Not greasy though just nourished, moisturised and packed full of goodness. Looking & feeling firmer too 😍 it really is as simple as that!


Its recommended that to see effects on the problem areas the key ingredients are designed to tackle that you use this product 2-3 times per week. I personally think that the product would last a couple of months though (although not finished mine so don’t shoot the messenger :)).

This product is a STEAL at just £13.50 for 200g. So why not purchase yours here?

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Was a pleasure reviewing xoxo

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