C9 forever living detox and cleanse 💪👙

So 10 days ago I started the Clean 9 (C9) from Adele Mckoy at Life Indulgence.


For those of you who don’t know what the C9 is, here’s a brief description…


The C9 is a very strict diet for 9 days that is structured to cleanse your body of all impurities and change your lifestyle and attitude to eating and drinking healthier.

For the 9 days you are calorie controlled not only this but you are banned from any bad substances such as fatty foods, fizzy pop, alcohol & caffiene.

Upon completion you can expect to look better, feel better, take control of your appetite and a change in lifestyle.

The healthy kick start box contains;
1 x body tape measure
1 x shaker bottle for protein shakes
1 x pack of forever lite protein shake powder
2 x bottles aloe vera drinking gel
1 x 60ml shot glass (for aloe drinking gel)
1 x brochure (selling and describing products)
1 x C9 fitness log to record weights and measurements
18 x forever therm tablets
54 x forever garcinia plus tablets
9 x forever fibre soluble sachets

How did I get on?

On day 1 I had to weigh myself first thing, I also had to take a few measurements to record in my C9 log booklet as follows;
Weight – 8st 10.5lb
Chest – 36″
Biceps – 10.5″
Waist – 29″
Hips – 34″
Thighs – 20″
Calves – 11″

I was a bit anxious about what to expect at first on days 1-2, because you eat no food at all!


Instead your new eating regime will look like the above.
3 x tablets, 120ml of aloe vera drinking gel
1 x forever fibre soluble sachet
3 x tablets, 120ml aloe vera drinking gel & 1 scoop : 300ml forever lite ultra shake (vanilla or chocolate)
2 x tablets, 120ml aloe vera drinking gel
Evening / bedtime
120ml aloe vera drinking gel, 250ml water


Essentially this is all you’re really using. However, I felt surprisingly full. I think because I was drinking a lot more than usual my stomach felt bloated but didn’t look it.

In fact the opposite. The programme helped subside my bloating issues I had previously experienced in my normal daily routines.

I wasn’t craving food or alcohol which I thought would be a real struggle considering I like to sit and have a glass of wine when the kids go to bed. I usually snack as and when all day too, as I’m too busy running around after the children to cook for myself but I wasn’t even thinking about the food I was feeling full & determined!


Day 3 = weigh in day (but I’m withholding my results until day 9 😁)

However, day 3-8 it all gets easier! You eat more as you gain a 600 calorie meal for dinner, get an extra shake at breakfast time and don’t drink as much aloe vera as this is reduced right down to a 120ml dose for breakfast and no more.
I’m ashamed to say that although I wasn’t craving food I had missed it and I had a burger for my 600 calorie meal on day 3 🙈

But by day 4 was back on track. Sit ups and exercising in the morning and I wasn’t hungry at all! I was even struggling getting my shakes down at breakfast and lunch and had no appetite whatsoever by dinner time. I was like this for the next 4 days.

Day 6 = yet another weigh in and measurement day …. Still keeping it a secret 😋

I stuck at my exercises and I ate what I could as I was always feeling full. All I had in mind was my flabby tummy and my end goal. This was my motivation to stay on track, what I didn’t want to look like anymore….


All the time my mind was focused, I never went off course and the lifestyle was starting to set in stone. Hunger thoughts diminished and my attitude to the foods I was choosing to eat was healthy. I didn’t want to eat for the sake of it or because “it was there”. Not only that but in general I was raring to go, rarely tired, I’d been overcome by a boost of energy!

Along the way I kept tuning in to the support groups on Facebook here or here, its full of reps, previous and current users all happy to help along your journey.


Shake after shake the finish line was in site 😁😁😁

Day 9 shook things up a little. Not only did you get everything you got on days 3-8 but you got a 300 calorie meal for lunch as well as your 600 calorie meal for dinner!!

Surprisingly though I never had both meals I stuck to my lunchtime shake as my stomach just doesn’t need the food I used to take in.

My results…..



My stomach is flatter than ever! I’m definitely bursting with confidence and taking pride in what I eat and do.

I’ve come to realise that I can eat healthy. That doesn’t mean living like a rabbit for the rest of my life but thinking before I eat and not just stuffing my face with junk for the hell of it.

The results are astounding once you put them together…


In 9 days I’ve had a total weight loss of 4.5lbs and a total inch loss of a whopping 10.75″ – 2.5″ each off of the major areas such as hips, waist and thighs and 1.5″ from my bust


Here’s a major 👍👍👍👍👍 from me for this product. This is just a kick start to a healthy lifestyle so imagine the possibilities of their 28 and 96 day programmes F.I.T 1 & F.I.T 2!! 😱😱

What’s your excuse not to try?!? Its not just about eating but your attitude and mindset to a healthier and happier you! Order yours today from Adele Mckoy and receive a free gift when quoting beauty by trial. Forever motivated!!

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