Jeunesse (instantly ageless) 👴👩

A few days ago I recieved a vial of the Instantly Ageless everyone is raving about from Carly Gardner.


This cream is the miracle facelift in a bottle. Its a powerful anti wrinkle cream that is applied to the visible signs of ageing to diminish fine lines and wrinkles before your very eyes in minutes!

Its been specifically developed using a lightweight formula and a range of skin conditioning minerals to give you an even skin tone and target areas that have lost elasticity by lifting the skin.

I’m only 22 but I have the odd deep line embedded in my forehead from facial expressions probably made when telling the kids off 😂 or the hubby!!

I squeezed the tiniest imaginable amount onto my finger and patted lightly into the area as per instructions provided.

After doing this you have to remain expressionless for a couple of minutes whilst you let the cream work its magic 😁


It really is magic too 👆

I’d say throughout the day my skin began to return to its normal state. That said, it lasted a good 6-8 hours before starting to return, but not fully returning to its original state. I think it’d be great for a night out or maybe an occasion such as a wedding or big birthday bash to take years off yourself.

It has other benefits too such as;
erasing dark circles / puffy eyes
minimises the appearance of pores
evens out skin texture
– makes skin matte for a flawless finish
restores your skin to optimum appearance.

So you can all see the difference in the use with / without this miracle formula I also used some on my dad (52) & my step mum (55+). Here’s their results;


Eye laughter lines reduced


Cheeks and dark circles lifted


This formula works better on fine lines but will definitely reduce deeper lines. One vial can expect to last 2-3days if used daily!

So what are you waiting for? Get the younger looking you NOW!

For any queries or recruitment opportunities follow Carly on Twitter or add her on Facebook 👍 xoxo

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