TCA Chemical Peel (Barnsley) 👸

A week last Saturday I had a TCA Chemical face peel by Claire from 1 sk’n aesthetics in Hoyland, Barnsley.

So I started by filling in appropriate medical forms and a brief consultation about my skin type and any previous cosmetic procedures.

After we were happy and everything was explained in detail, Claire started by removing any excess makeup I had on following with a cleanse so my face was completely natural and product free.


My face before. Natural 👆

She then applied Vaseline to any sensitive areas like the lips, creases and corners of nose and eyes, hairline and eyebrows. Once my skin was prepped it was time for the peel.

The peel is just basically an acid based liquid substance (lisenced and tested for skin so don’t panic ) that is applied with great care in a 7 point motion; 2 temples moving in to the forehead, 2 cheeks sweeping under and away from the eye area, 2 jaw lines sweeping up and then lastly the under lip and chin area.

This can be done for up to 5 layers (one 7 point motion = to one layer). Although how many layers you can take will depend upon your pain threshold as it is acid and does burn and also your skins natural reaction per layer. The more layers effectively in theory should mean the more peeling and deeper the penetration into the skin.Β 

It feels like a burning and stinging sensation not persistent but like when you rub alcohol or a perfumed substance into an open spot or wound but all over the face. The stinging subsides gradually as Claire starts on a different point but does rebuild on get more intense on every layer when the acid is reapplied to an area.Β 

After the second layer my skin started to ‘frost‘. Frosting is when the skin starts to slightly whiten like frostbrite but only briefly until Claire applies numbing cream to neutralise the acid. This instantly stops the colour and the stinging.

With frosting appearing and my face reacting, as it should, fortunately this was an indication of my skins limit and my pain threshold was starting to wear thin too!Β 


(Don’t worry you won’t stay like this!!)

I was happy though as apparently the redder and the more visual reaction then in theory the better results from the peel as that’s the areas it will trigger most deeply.

I was given an aftercare sheet and some vitamin E cream for when my skin starts to feel dry, tight or peel. Also some factor 50 as bare exposure to sun is not permitted until healed.


Now the waiting game…. Over the next 3-7 days my skin will start to shed the top layers and reveal fresher, younger and new skin. I will keep you all posted of results along the way!!

Day 3 as predicted…

So day 3 came and my skin is wrinkly!! Yes … I look like my nan.


This is a good sign though …. It means the peel is working its magic and in a few days the “wrinkles” will crack & peel.

I stayed wrinkly for probably around a day before they started to crack and my old skin shed. In the same places it started to peel.


So for the next 2-3 days I had to prevent myself from scrubbing and picking at my skin (that’s important because if you peel skin that isn’t ready you’ll make it raw).

Just keep applying the cream and be patient for you new skin!!


I was getting rather impatient with the Freddy Kruger look but I knew the results would be worth it so was persistent in following my strict aftercare instructions.

Around day 9 before my skin was fully healed and even all the little niggly flakes of skin had shed and my makeup could be applied evenly without dry skin peeping through.

My beautiful skin was here …

D-day!! My skin looks smoother and brighter. My complexion flawless (OK so maybe the odd pimple … But I was prewarned any lingering breakouts beneath the skin could appear). I have never really been truely content with my skin. Old scars from teenage spots and the odd pigmentation or redness practically vanished though now.




I would definitely have this treatment again …. Even through the pain, the results are worth it!

This treatment can be booked in course for best results or as a one off. Is great for fine lines, wrinkles, acne and acne scarring as it removes the top layers of skin and dead skin cells.

Take a look at Claire’s page 1 sk’n aesthetics in Hoyland for this and other treatments and be sure to quote ‘beauty by trial‘ if booking anything for varied offers xoxo

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4 thoughts on “TCA Chemical Peel (Barnsley) 👸

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. I had my chemical peel take roughly a few weeks for the peeling to finally end and I love the results. Thanks again for sharing!


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