Juice Plus 💪🍌🍎

A few weeks back we were given the Juice Plus to try here at Beauty by trial from Tom Carling. I will include the web links at the end of review.

Me, having done a couple of weight loss plans my husband volunteered to do the trial for me. I also thought it’d be great to get a male perspective on weight loss plans for the fellas and Hubby’s out there 😁 although obviously the plan is suitable for both sexes.

So firstly my husband was asked whether he’d like the chocolate or vanilla flavor pack to try as he was trying the shakes only. No dietry pills includes. He chose vanilla and promised to stick to a healthy regime too. No diet plan was given but just generally don’t starve yourself and stock up on protein and veggies!

Week one
I started the diet on day 1 with a weight of 15st 1lb and a 36″ size trouser.



I was only having the shake once a day replacing breakfast and sticking to a light lunch of a sandwich or salad at work and a tea of one meat substance whether it be piece of steak, one chicken breast etc and two lots of veg.

I had also while I was on the shakes cut out drinking alcohol and tried to cut down on the smoking and use my e-cigerette more.

By day 4 I was definitely feeling better within my self. I didn’t feel bloated, skin looked healthier and was adapting to a healthier lifestyle. An added bonus was I was a whopping 6lb down taking me to 14st 10lb!!

The rest of this week was plain sailing losing a further 2lb by day 7. I thought I’d challenge myself for week 2.



Week two

Now was the real test. After having adapted to week one so well and my new routine and eating regime becoming the norm I thought I’d up my intake of shakes to 2 a day and one evening meal.

The lack of drink and smoking was probably the most nerve wracking of the whole process. I could deal with the evening meals I’d come home too from work. They were filling and nutritious. But sticking to water and the odd coffee was taking its toll.

I felt better and more motivated in general but psychologically the non drinking and smoking was hard …. That said only another week and I was concentrating on my results and making the best of the them. 💃

Day 10 and a complete surge of energy and a new attitude towards my lifestyle I was shocked to see that the 2 shakes a day had lost me another 4lb! Now there was only one option, to keep going and have a final weigh in once my pouch of shake powder was complete …. The end is in sight 👀💪

Day 15 – the final weigh in!!

I completed the pouch! Just over two weeks!! Significant decrease in smoking and T-total in the process!!



Final weight -14st 0lb (15lb loss)
Dress size – 32/34″ (dropped two waist sizes)

And 4″ off my stomach!!

(All of the above is my husbands account of his juice plus journey using the Complete Shakes from Toms support page TC Nutrition)

Tom sells a variety of different products from to suit your nutritional and weight loss needs from soups, shakes, capsules to snack bars.


He also sells different packages of products to give you huge savings and different products to help you with your weight loss journey!!
There’s 24/7 support and encouragement from not only the reps on a personal level but other people who are on the same journey as yourself if you need it.

If you buy a silver or gold package from TC nutrition you will receive a free pack of juice plus chewables which have also been supported by a children’s study to let them benefit from their nutritional needs!

And if you want to have a taster pack and just buy an individual pack of Complete Shake, these can also be bought separately at a discounted rate before buying the complete monthly packages!


For any questions about setting up your plan or trying any of the products please don’t hesitate to contact Tom Carling he’s more than happy to help.

And be so kind to tell him Beauty By Trial sent you 😘😘

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