You Beautea!! – tea that actually makes you beautiful! 😱👌

Around 4 weeks ago I received a pack You Beautea and around a week later my journey began began! And I must take this opportunity to say that the delivery time was impeccable from overseas!!

What is You Beautea

You Beautea is a package containing 30 tea bags that are packed with 2000mg of Vitamin C and Collagen peptide.

These substances are needed to help build and stimulate the collagen growth in your skin. Effectively creating anti-ageing techniques and not only this but stimulating your hair and nail growth too!!


In short our bodies need Vitamin C to produce collagen within. As we get older our bodies produce less collagen which is needed to strengthen the structures and elasticity with the skin.

If our collagen supply is cut short then skin will start to sag and hair and nails become weak and break.

My journey


This was me on my very 1st cup of my new tea 👆👆👆

I opened the package and picked out my very first tea bag wondering what the next few weeks would bring…

The smell of the tea bag was heavenly. Very sweet smelling which was probably from the unique marshmallow ingredient contained within. And the look of the ingredients inside both colourful and different, it’s as though you can see the goodness within.Β 


I poured in the boiling water and left to brew between 2 & 7 minutes as advised by the package before taking my first sip.

The taste was stunning! Usually detox type teas and herbal teas can taste quite bland. But not this one. You could taste a mixture of both sweet and pure. It had a green tea taste but with an array of flavour if that makes sense?! I was instantly hooked!!

I drank my tea every morning once or sometimes twice a day (twice is recommended for best results). And my journey continued until the package contents were gone.

I loved the tea and was mortified during my 3rd week when I figured out I’d drank the lot!! My skin more alive and radiant, glowing and flawless. And my hair and nails stronger and longer too.

This tea was becoming the norm in my life and I wouldn’t have to think if I had the choice over regular tea, coffee or You Beautea. Hands down my choice would be the latter 👌


This is me now makeupless too a day after finishing my You Beautea journey!

This tea is definitely worth your money … Apprehensive about botox, anti wrinkle creams, injections?! Then just drink a couple of cups of tea each day…

Buy yours here today and enter code FLAWLESS15 at checkout for 15% off until midnight Friday!!

Check them out on facebook and twitter to keep up to date with regular offers and updates! :):)

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