Manhattan mineral cosmetics 👸

Last week I received the ultimate goody box from Mathew Norton at Manhattan Minerals UK. It contained various mineral powder foundations, bronzers,  blushes, eyeshadow, a range of lipsticks and gloss and a mascara.


Look 👆👆 every Beauty Bloggers dream 💕💄

I couldn’t wait to delve in and have a play around with some new looks 😍

Firstly though, I must tell you about this range of makeup. Manhattan Minerals are not only a UK based retailer and wholesalers of powdered mineral makeup. Also, ALL of their powdered makeup is animal cruelty and paraben  FREE. Therefore, a great range for strict vegans / animal cruelty protesters and people who predominantly buy non-carcinogenic produce.

The makeup?!

The foundation ….. is Amazing!!! It leaves such a flawless and soft finish with impeccable coverage for a mineral makeup I must say. I have the odd blemish and dark circles from waking up for the kids in the night and with this powder foundation they totally vanish!



That’s the foundation 👆👆 but it doesn’t stop there! … its the eyeshadow and lipsticks that got me really excited!!


This is the variety of colours I had in my box to have a play with. Each one more vibrant than the next with a subtle shimmer to it. That however, is the back of my hand. Looks at the results when you apply to a fully made over face 😱😍



This look is created by using the three different shades of brown Manhattan Minerals eyeshadow and surprisingly finishing the glitter part of the smokey eye with the body shimmer! Moonkissed mineral powder foundation and rouge blush with park avenue lipstick again with a touch of body shimmer.


My second look using the other products is something of a summer vibes meets 80’s neon look but I love it!! 😁💃



This look is bright but not overpowering due to the flawless blending techniques that the powder allows.


Here I used Moonkissed foundation, liberty blush lip gloss,  pink opal blush and a aqua and modern blue blended out towards the purple shadow. Finished with the Manhattan Minerals mascara.

I was very impressed at the fact both lipsticks and the gloss actually transferred the colour that it was. You find nowadays most lipsticks and especially glosses aren’t long lasting and when you put them on they’re rather transparent and not very colourful at all. Not the case here….


Manhattan Minerals lipstick natural collection ☝


👆 Manhattan Minerals lipgloss natural collection

As you’ve only seen sneak peeks of each of the items 📷📷 I decided to do something rather crazy just so you could get a feel with how different and creative this makeup could be….

Think Spring / Summer + Dramatic night out = a crazy beauty blogger kinda thing 😆😆😆



The above pictures are the two looks completed on one face. You really can tell the difference in blush, lipstick, gloss and eyeshadow!! 😜😜

Please head over to their Facebook page and give them a 👍👍👍 and be sure to tell them Beauty by Trial sent you :):):) xoxo

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