Star beauty and hair extensions (Rotherham) 💇💅

A couple of weeks ago I met with the Stacey Houghton at Star Beauty & Hair Extensions in Rotherham.

Stacey has a lovely little salon that’s just recently had a refurb offering a variety of beauty treatments from fake tanning to waxing to nails and sunbeds. However she is also fully qualified in microbead and prebonded hair extension fitting too πŸ™‚



I came here to have my hair extended via the microbead method. I initially had to come for a form filling consultation about my medical history, address and hair colour, length etc so that I could discuss what I wanted and colour match to my natural hair.


So this was my hair before ☝☝

My hair was about shoulder length all around but shorter and thinner at the front from years of straightening and dying it.

I had told Stacey I wanted either a 16″ or 18″ as I wanted a natural look but definitely longer. I find some lengths ie 22″ can be too false looking (that’s just my personal opinion ☺). I came back around a week later for the fitting.

One by one each of the microbeads with the fastened hair extension are carefully threaded over about 1/2cm chunks of your natural hair. After the bead and extension has been pushed to near the root Stacey uses a clamp to clamp down and effectively tighten and secure the extension in place over your own hair. This is repeated around 200 times depending on how many individual beads are needed to create the desired thickness. 😍😍


Immediately after this was the new me!!! 😱😱😱 what a transformation?!

It took around 2 hours to complete this look but Stacey made me feel so comfortable and we had a good girly chat so the time flew by.

What’s great about these hair extensions as opposed to clip in ones is that they can be washed, dyed, curled and straightened just treat it like natural hair!! 👸👸


And even further … Some hairdressers will even cut extensions so you can use them to create a longer completely new style too


Sorry Stacey 😂😂😂 but it’s still long and they look even more lush!!!

I also bought an aftercare kit with my extension fitting. This includes a large salon brand shampoo and conditioner, a shine spray, a leave in conditioner and a special wide toothed brush to keep your extensions in tip top shape 😁😁 at Β£30 you can’t go wrong as I’d probably spend that on normal products in the shop!

My hair is in amazing condition so soft and silky and blended so naturally through my own hair. I’m officially on a #selfie rampage with my new locks 😂😂 in fact they are that natural the woman at my local shop that has been serving me for the past year asked if I’d done something and then corrected herself and said I must always have my hair tied up. She was convinced it had always been this long 😜

Thank you Stacey and please give her a 👍👍👍👍 at Star Beauty to keep up to date with weekly offers and tell her beauty by trial sent you when booking x

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