KORP Razors (men & women) 👧👨

Hi guys 🙋🙋🙋🙋 sorry I’ve been away due to Internet hiccups in the house move.

A couple of weeks back me and my husband both received a parcel from KORP RAZOR luxury shaving :):)

We both received 1 razor each specifically designed for man or lady and a pack of 2 blades each for our corresponding razors.




Instantly, as you can see the design is very sleek and intriguing. It looks like a Jimmy Choo of the razor world so to speak. With its vibrant orange streak and logo, to its generous weight and designated black and white colours to easily determine whether it’s the husband or the wife’s your using (no more planing the door frames with your man’s shaver ladies 😂😂😂) all packed up neatly in their own boxes.

Upon using the blades I must say I found they have a smooth yet effective cut. No more nasty nicks on those jaws lads or stinging shins on those nights out ladies. These razors shave right to the skin without looking like you’ve had a fight with the local paper and lost 💪💪




Above are a few of my own personal before and afters using these products☝☝☝

As you can see my legs smooth and shiny and not a shaving rash or razor cut in site. And I was astounded by the underarm result. Mine are quite sensitive and even the usual “big name brand” razors leave my arms either in shreds or red and blotchy and not as smooth a finish either, left with stubble like hairs. I would definitely purchase more blades in the future from KORP RAZOR and continue use with this company!

My husband also used his razor. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of his stubble before and after results as he was too eager to use his and before I even had mine out of the packet he’d come down looking more fresh and clean shaven than ever before 😱😱😱

Joking aside though I have never seen him walk away from the bathroom without a bit of blooded tissue stuck to his chops! And to touch his skin as soft as ever …. no stubble spiking as me or the kids kiss him 😗😗


He was so impressed in fact that as he also has a shaved head, he dared go as far as to shave his head with the razor after using the electric shaver to get that extra cut right to the skin.

His words to me were “I wish I had this when I was in the army. It would have made life so much easier and becoming presentable quicker!”. If that’s not a complimentary statement then I’m unsure what is!

I’d definitely urge any man or woman to give this a try …. you can purchase yours here or alternatively visit KORP RAZOR on Facebook and give them a 👍👍👍👍👍

Prices are in € or US$ online but can be posted to UK, I’ve worked out the equivalents for your perusal;

Razor €24,85 (£17.66)

2-pack refill 3-blade €5,32 (£3.78)

2-pack refill 5-blade (original) €14,00 (£9.95)

6-pack refill 5-blade (original) €32,44 (£23.06)

Travel case €21,59 (£15.35)

Happy shopping x 👜👜👜

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