Pretty Professional nail polish 💅

Hi guys 🙋🙋🙋🙋

A few days ago I received this lovely nail polish set from the new Pretty Professional collection at Quest – an online beauty retailer.



The order contained;
– 1 x gold glitter polish
– 1 x girly colour glittered polish
– 1 x twist and out nail polish remover
– 1 x twist and out nail polish remover (acetone free)

So firstly seen as I had some cheap nail polish on before I received my order I thought I would try the twist and out nail polish remover.


This was amazing!!! I may be behind the times I don’t know but I’ve never used anything like this before.

Inside there is basically a sponge completely dowsed in nail polish remover with a little finger sized insert cut out…


As per the picture above; you pop in your finger with polish on into the insert, you twist the tub wiping the finger against the sponge and pull out to reveal natural nails with no polish. So simple and effective and saves about 10 minutes vigorously scrubbing with cotton pads.

With that done I moved on to the polishes themselves. To get a feel for both colours I did a manicure in the gold and a pedicure with the girly glitzy one.


This colour truely was stunning. Great for the summer against the bronzing skin and the rays when they hit the colour give a breathtaking sparkle and shine. Very easy to apply. Quite thick and easy to manipulate the glitter into place and dries almost instantly. Here’s my result 👇👇


Finally, I tried the pink multicolour glitzy one on the tootsies 👣👣


Again truely gorgeous!! Pure glitter and heaven in a bottle. This would be perfect for a holiday polish or a night out with the girls. The colours nitted together just bounce off and compliment each other to give an eye catching result 👇👇 (I have awful feet 🙈🙈 apologies)


You just have to take a look at the whole collection here. They have a whole aray of cosmetics, skincare and haircare to browse too!! 💅💆💇

Oh and if you’re a social media addict like me, then give them a 👍👍 on Facebook and a 🐥 on Twitter 💕

As always don’t forget to tell them Beauty By Trial sent you 😘😘

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