Finishing touch jewellery 👑💖

So yesterday I received the most stunning jewellery I think I’ve ever seen…


This came from an online company called Finishing Touch. They stock an array of elegance, sophistication and Swarvoski!!

Firstly, I’ll start with this gorgeous clasp bangle I received 👇



This is the Empress Bangle and you can see why it acquires this name. In the centre of its solid 18k white gold structure you will find over 100 individually bonded swarvoski crystals, in shades of pink, blue and green.

This bangle would make a perfect gift on any grand occasion for someone special, whether it be a wife, daughter, mother figure or partner or it is sure to take the receiving party’s breath away! (As will all the jewellery purchased from this amazing company.)



Next up we have these beautiful 18k white gold bonded Princess earrings. Although they are a ‘stud’, with their crown design and dazzling sparkle these earrings are large and eyecatching enough to stand out from the crowd. With their crown design they really are fit for royalty and more than worthy of their “Princess” name given by the company!



Last but certainly not least we have this elegant Goddess necklace. This piece of beauty contains 18k gold bonded and silver rings which are encrusted with swarvoski elements to give that added sparkle to the piece. The approx size pendants – 1.2cm & chain length – 40cm + 5cm adjustable clasps to connect.

I think you’ll agree that this company has some very elequent pieces perfect for the most special of occasions. Anniversary? Wedding gift? Birthday? Any woman would be speechless at the pure beauty and thought that has been put into making and purchasing such a gift!


Make sure you check out their website and Facebook page to check out the complete range of jewellery on offer!!

And for the next 500 people ONLY entering “BEAUTY-BY-TRIAL” at checkout you will receive a whopping 60% OFF!!! So what are you waiting for … head over to Finishing Touch Co and be sure to tell them BEAUTY-BY-TRIAL sent you ;)💖

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