Spray tan by Hype Hair & Beauty (Doncaster) 👌

Due to being busy with review appointments I’ve only just got round to writing my spray tan review from a few days ago (apologies Amanda).

So I’ll start with the salon ☺☺

Amanda is the owner of a nice spacious, newly refurbished salon called Hype Hair & Beauty situated in Balby, Doncaster.

They offer a range of treatments from;
– Waxing
– Nail care
– Tanning
– Facials
– Massage & aromatherapy
– Hair
– Aesthetics


👆👆 me being as pale as this (often mistaken for a geisha 🙈😂😂) inevitably opted for a spray tan!

So we started by going upstairs to the tanning treatment room, filling in a client card and Amanda talking me  through the different makes of tan and how it was going to be applied.


Fake bake is a very well known brand that is known for its more natural colour enhancement. Not too dark just a bronzed holiday “glow“.  Once decided on we started the tan.

You strip down to your underwear your happy getting discoloured (or whatever your comfortable wearing) or use the disposable underwear provided and you stand in a big “pop up tent” for want of a better description. You wear a shower cap type cap to cover the hair and protect the hair line and sticky back oversized sole inserts to protect the soles of your feet from over spray.


The choice of tanning liquid is then inserted in this spray tanning gun and it sprays out lightly in an airbrush motion.

Amanda then skillfully and strategically sprays the tan asking you to stand in various different positions covering the body to perfection. This ensures that the tan has an even coverage and looks as natural as humanly possible.


After the tan has been applied, whilst still in the tent Amanda dried me off. To do this she used a long hose that basically blows out hot air. I’d never had this done before as a lot of other salons leave you to stand there like a star for 20 minutes feeling silly 😂😂 So I thought that was a great end to my already great looking tan!

Once dried, Amanda showed me my tan and I was amazed! I looked like a different person. Happy with my results I was able to get dressed and wipe the palm of my hands in case of any over spray. I was then told to leave the tan to develop for 12 hours before washing off in the shower.




👆👆👆 this was my amazing transformation!! 😁😁

I have passed people in the street, at the supermarket and commenting on how lovely my colour is and “I wonder where she’s been on holiday!”.

With a tan your confidence seems to just rocket, everything feels better. Even friends and family have come and were in two minds as to whether it was the weather as they knew I hadn’t been away anywhere and they’ve said it’s the best spray tan they’d ever seen.


You have definitely got to visit this salon and try out their amazing spray tans and  experience the other treatments and hairdressing on offer over at Hype Hair & Beauty and as always tell them Beauty By Trial sent you 😘😘

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