Fathers day presents unveiled 😁

Yesterday as you all know it was father’s day. In our household I had two very different personalities to buy for  – one being my hubby and the other being my father.

So I’ll start with the hubby…



I decided to get my hubby these multiVAPE kit – tobacco leaf flavour and the multiCIG disposable e-cigarette – golden tobacco.

As an avid smoker who’s trying to stop, I thought it’d be a great gift from our children. The multiVAPE kit (top photo) is an electronic pipe cigarette that uses a flavoured or tobacco liquid essence that gives you the feel that you’re smoking as it contains the taste of tobacco but reduced nicotine.


You start by putting the above e-liquid into this section here…


Which is done by unscrewing the two different attachments…


As above and then pouring in. Once you’ve done this you simply press this button (which lights blue)…


This heats the e-liquid causing them to evaporate into a smoke substance. This enables you whilst pressing to take a draw and smoke and blow out like a normal cigarette.



My husband absolutely loved this gift! he thought it was unique, great for the family as it’s helping his health and can be used indoors / at work!! If it runs out of power he can just charge it via USB and he can buy more e-liquid here if he needed too.


Not only that, he tried these too. This is a disposable multiCIG in a Golden tobacco flavour. This is just an electric looking cigarette that has a tobacco flavour equivalent to 40 cigarettes.


My hubby felt these weren’t as strong as the multiVAPE but to be used in conjunction with one or to be used after you have the habit under control and have virtually stopped smoking these would be great for them craving niggles to keep in your handbag or pocket.

He feels that with both of these products from mutiCIG and multiVAPE he can kick the habit. He has already reduced his normal tobacco roll up intake by around 1/3 as he has been trying these for two weeks, which I feel is an extraordinary result already.

Take a look at the website for their range of stop smoking aids and flavours ☺

Next it was time for my dad’s father’s day gift. I had already bought the usual beer, spirits and clothing “I don’t know what to get him” gifts but I wanted something different.

That’s when I came across Bluebeards revenge pomade.


This is basically a cross between a gel and a paste for the hair. It claims to give structure, shine, hold and strength and that it certainly did.

Before my dad could try it I decided to pinch some for my son. The smell was absolutely to die for like a high end aftershave. But the substance itself is super soft and not sticky or messy like some other products.



From flat hair to spikey it transformed my son. It was soft, lovely yet held in position all day through playing and being a little boy until I bathed him. But of course this is usually for men / teens (not that it harmed my little boy)!

This and a load of aftershave, shaving cream and hair products from Bluebeards revenge can be found at The Shaving Shack so take a look!

As always don’t forget to tell people Beauty By Trial sent you xx

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