Sette Vie – Italian liqueur 🍸

My next blog post entails of something a little different for Beauty by Trial but definitely beautiful and worthy of its place on the blog!!

Let me introduce you to Sette Vie Amaretto (50cl) (currently for sale via Amazon)…



Amaretto is a smooth, delightful liqueur made from a balance of bitter and sweet Italian almonds giving that exquisite taste. For anyone who’s unsure of the almond taste I would liken it to that of Cherry coke or cherry bakewell cakes, sweet and smooth at the same time.


The bottle itself is stunning and would be a perfect gift or drink to put on show at a dinner party or evening event. With an unusual cork top for a liqueur and it’s thick glass square bottle with its coral glittered logo and flavour printed at the front. This delicious liqueur comes at a whopping 28% alcohol!


There are many ways in which Amaretto can be drank. For example, neat over ice as above. Because of its velvety taste it’s not too strong or harsh on the palate to be drank straight.

Or perhaps as mentioned earlier … if you’re a lover of Cherry coke, then simply pour coke over amaretto to create a simple mixer….


If that doesn’t take your fancy or you want to be a little more adventurous, perhaps a summer tipple?!




Sat out in the garden one evening, I enjoyed a few glasses of cheap cranberry juice, fresh strawberries and Sette Vie amaretto! This went down a real treat, tasted like fruit juice but the amaretto gave it a little kick and took away the dry aftertaste I find cranberry juice usually leaves 😍


However I must say that my absolute favourite mixer amongst he bottle had to be milk!? Yes, your heard right …. plain old milk! 😙

This combination was to die for. The creaminess of the whole milk accompanied by the delicate yet noticeable kick of the amaretto was like heaven in a glass. Again, a chilled out summers eve when you don’t want heavy fizzy pop, or that harsh kick of a neat shot, this combo is perfect to get your taste buds going ☺

And with that unfortunately the bottle was gone 😭


I will definitely be purchasing more of this after trying their Limoncello range (to come). There are many other different ways to take amaretto; above are just a few to name.

You may also like;
Amaretto and coconut milk
Amaretto and coffee
Amaretto and hot chocolate
Amaretto and fresh orange juice
Amaretto with cream
Amaretto drizzled over vanilla ice cream
….And the list goes on!

Its such a smooth, gentle liqueur on the palate that it can be more or less accompanied by anything!

Please please check out Sette Vies range on Amazon and feel free to give them a 👍👍👍👍 on Facebook ☺☺

Stick around at Beauty By Trial as the Limoncello range is yet to be reviewed! X

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