Sette Vie Limoncello 🍸🍹

This next blog posts follows on from my previous Sette Vie Amaretto review and is for their Limoncello which can be purchased in certain bars or on Amazon, here.


This bottle comes in a luxurious frosted cube style and in a 50cl quantity. As you can see it is 32% alcohol proof and is engraved with their sophisticated SV logo and is ideally stored in the freezer.

Now I trailed the internet to find some mixers that may accompany my Limoncello, as you guessed it … It has a sharp lemon taste


Due to no avail … I decided to take a shot of the liquer to get a feel for its distinctive taste and flavors. I was extremely surprised that it wasn’t as harsh as I thought! Being 32% and famed for being a palate cleanser a part of me expected it to be a fuelled kick.

Much to my amazement it was quite a delicate taste to drink neat. Either a quick shot, or a slow drink neat over ice to enjoy its exquisite taste of almost lemon bonbon. Quite sweet, lemon syrup not sour and then a final rush to the back of the throat upon swallowing.


The only drink I could think to compliment the Limoncello and take the sharp edge away was lemonade… And it didn’t disappoint!

The sugar in the lemonade brought out the natural sweetness in the Limoncello to instantly give the taste and look of cloudy lemonade. It was so refreshing and easy to drink!

After a meal on a night time it was the only drink I’ve ever found not to bloat me or make me feel full, it was so palatable and a nice change to offer guests after dinner ☺


Strangely enough Limoncello can also be used in Italian cuisine to accompany various foods.

However, I’m not the the best of cooks so I settled for some Limoncello and ice cream! Again one of the most light and refreshing desserts you could possibly encounter. Definitely a must try if you’ve got both in your freezer 🍧

Take a look at their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest Settle Vie updates 👍👍

As always tell them Beauty By Trial sent you 💕😙

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