The strap saver!! Saggy boobs no more 😱

My next blog post brings you a nifty little gadget created to transform your bras ladies!! 👌 The Strap Saver!


Ever had a bra with straps so slack you wondered why you put it on in the first place?

We’ve all been there, straps falling down. Pulling them up every two minutes. Not even supporting your southward boobs like it should do?

Fear no more!!!


Thanks to this little life (strap) saver, you can have saggy boobs no more! At least whilst you where your old bras anyway … (Unfortunately I can’t fix the gruel gravitational pull our bodies encounter when exposed) 😣😣

Anyhow … I can undoubtabley transform this 13″ slack, 7″ tightened bra strap…



Into a more respectable, boob hoinking 5″ strap to keep them jugs firmly placed underneath the chin where they belong (not by your knees!!)…


How?!?! (I hear hundreds of women screaming)

Simply by following these steps..


Take the bra in question and slacken using the adjuster to the maximum possible length like above.


Next feed the long single strap through the top end of the adjuster to create a loop.



Pull this loop up over the existing strap about 50/50 to meet the end of the strap near the cup.



Feed the wide end of your strap saver over the two lengths of the strap at the back, so the third or nearest part of the loop will droop over.


And then using the single cup end of the strap feed this through the shallow end of your strap saver so your left with the above.


That’s one bra strap shortened in minutes!! Tighter, newer and no signs of becoming slack again.

Don’t worry if you found the above a little confusing follow my YouTube tutorial below!!

Be sure not to miss out on this amazing boob saving, strap saving invention and help yourself through them tough bra situations!!

Purchase yours here and maybe give them a 👍👍 on Twitter and Facebook 💖 and don’t forget to tell them Beauty By Trial sent you 😘😘

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