Marine mud mask & polishing peel 😍

So I’ve recently been hearing a lot about the new skin company, Nu Skin. So I thought I would give some of their most popular products a try for review.


I started with their polishing peel from ViVian at Little Beauties Box. The polishing peel is the closest thing to a clinical microdermobrasion session you’d have in a salon.


You put a layer across the whole face (avoiding eyes, nostrils and mouth) and leave it to more or less dry for around 5-10 minutes. Just before it dries you rub into the skin and watch the dead skin cells (top layers) come away revealing new skin.


Once all rubbed in you then wash off and this will leave you with softer, smoother more polished skin.

The polishing peel contains pumpkin enzymes which help to draw all the bad toxins out of the pores to keep the skin healthy with continued use one or twice weekly.

If you wanted a full facial or new face routine you can follow this with the Marine mud mask. This too gets rid of dead skin cells, impurities and rejuvenates the skin.


The mask is applied in a liquid form (the darker green) avoiding the areas as above. Once applied, after 10 mins it will start to dry and harden like a paint would and you’ll see this turning lighter green.


Once completely dried and all light green you can wash it all off with Luke warm water to reveal fresher, brighter looking skin with a glow about it


If you want to hear more about the Nu skincare products then contact ViVian at Little Beauties Box on Facebook and tell her Beauty By Trial sent you πŸ˜πŸ˜™

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