The Green Tree Inn and restaurant Doncaster 🍻🍝

This time last week me and my family visited The Green Tree Inn in Hatfield, Doncaster for a family lunch and to take a look at their new menu.


Upon arrival the car park was already very busy at 12:00 which we thought was an excellent sign that the food and drink would be great… and we weren’t disappointed!

When we entered we could take a seat of our choosing although you can book in advance and they will reserve a table for you.


The kids were kept entertained by crayons and a colouring sheet that was provided on the back of the kids menu whilst we were spoilt for choice on what to pick for lunch.



From pies to carvery to fish and chips and all the traditional pub classics and favourites I opted for ‘half a roast chicken‘ whilst my other half decided to choose the ‘hand battered fish and chips‘ and for the kids I got ‘chicken nuggets‘ – every child’s favourite I think!

To my amazement though we then were told that the meat / fish / nuggets would be cooked first then they would come to your table and let you know so you can approach the carvery station.

Once we approached the station we then realised that the chips, vegetables, mushy peas, beans, gravy and sauces were all unlimited so that you would add whatever accompaniments you like to go with your chosen dish.



A very clever idea I thought!Β  Usually there aren’t enough mushy peas, or not enough gravy, too much of something else so what a perfect way to ensure that your meal is served to the highest standard and satisfaction that you plate your own sides.



The kids loved their meals and ate every last bit so I think it was safe to say they were impressed too. My chicken was out of this world, so tender and succulent it literally fell off of the bone and melted in the mouth, while my partner said his fish was exceptional and cooked to perfection.

With food this quality we obviously had to have a dessert :)🍧


I had to have this!!! A baileys icecream sundae – and they certainly were generous with the baileys. I half expected no apparant taste of the liqueur as is usually the case but there definitely was in this. Vanilla icecream, shortbread biscuit, a flake, chocolate sprinkles topped with a shot of baileys was just the treat I needed after dinner. It was like heaven in a glass πŸ˜‡



The children were allowed an ice cream to accompany their kids meal – again unlimited! Although they did only have the one. They were allowed to choose from chocolate buttons, smarties or choice of sweets to put on the top which came in packet form. Then we were handed the sundae glasses to which we filled ourselves from the icecream machine which was lots of fun 😁 and topped with sauce of our choosing from the containers next to the machine.


We all had an amazing time and will be visiting in the future without hesitation. And I will be keeping up to date with any of the pubs updates via their Website πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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