The UK loose leaf tea company 🍵

A few weeks a go I came across this amazing company that sells all things tea related!


The UK loose leaf tea company are suppliers of only the finest quality of over 500 varieties of loose leaf tea.

I absoloutly love loose leaf tea and so I tried three different flavours…



Firstly, I’ll start with the Assam Bari. This is a beautiful and delicate distinctive black tea. It’s not bitter in any way, with a sweet and pure taste but not too strong. This is a suitable taste for the palette of a typical tea lover and would accompany a slice of cake really well.

The advised brewing time for this tea is 2-3 minutes and use water boiled at 100 degrees celsius.


Next out of the three I was to try the Green, Ginger and Lemon tea. Green tea  is said to hold many health benefits and be great for your body’s metabolism. As soon as you open the packet you can smell the lemon and ginger immediately! The taste is very present yet not sour or bitter as you’d imagine. It’s refreshing and quite smooth on the throat.

The recommended brewing time for this tea is 2-3 minutes and a top tip given to me by the supplier was when making ANY green tea use 80 degree celsius water. (In other words do not use freshly boiled water from the kettle as this is how you acquire the bitter taste that can sometimes be associated with green tea).


Finally my absolute favourite tea to have tried to date from any company, Exotic Coconut tea. This is a flavoured black tea, with real coconut shavings, marigolds and safflower blossoms. It tastes incredible. The taste of coconut is the first thing you taste but then it’s surrounded by sweet and soft flavours also. Such a delicate and stunning tea I could, without a doubt convert to and drink as my everyday tea.

The brewing time for this is 3-4 minutes with 100 degrees celsius boiled water. I have a short video here….

Whether it’s flavoured tea, herbal tea, detox tea, green tea, black tea or even hot chocolate you’re looking for, this is definitely the go to company with a flavour to please Everybody! !


For all AND MORE of your tea needs be sure to check out their website and keep up to date with offers and new blends via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 👍🐥📷

And be sure to tell them Beauty By Trial sent you 😘

Annie Reed – Beauty By Trial ❀

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