#SUNDAYFUNDAY Tropical Butterfly House (Sheffield)

If you’re anything like me and my family we always seem to do the same thing every weekend or get stuck for places to go.

So I thought I’d do a blog post about Tropical Butterfly House, wildlife and falconry centre in Sheffield πŸ¦‹

It’s easy to find via a satnav or just head down the M1, take the A57 towards Worksop and then it’s signposted.

What can you do?

There’s lots of animals to see and things to do;

  • Lemurs
  • Meerkats
  • Porcupines
  • Butterflies
  • Owls
  • Parrots
  • Birds of prey
  • Dinosaur trail
  • Bird show
  • Feeding experiences
  • CafΓ¨
  • Playzone

It cost us just Β£37 for a family of four, two adults and two children.

And upon entering they were just about to start the bird show. We watched the parrots do some flying tricks and talking.

Next we moved on to the meerkat place which was also shared with the pocupines.

Did you know?

A porcupine can actually peel a banana using it’s paws and teeth and eat the contents without damaging the skin, just like a human! 🍌

We then took a walk down towards the otters and the stream, which was teamed with lovely carvings and a fairy village. This is where we saw some chipmunks that had an amazing animal run made from the surrounding fencework and trees.

Next we took a walk down dinotrail. They had lots of interactive buttons for the children to press and find out which dinosaurs made which noises, along with some prank buttons which squirt water.

Not to mention the scary dinosaur mascot that comes out to play!

We then headed into the indoor lemur look out, where we were fortunate enough to see a keeper holding a blue tongued skink. My brave little soldier had a hold and we all had a stroke of it’s snake like skin.

Another cool fact we learnt …. They stick out their blue tongues when they get scared to warn off predators. πŸ’™

Off we ventured to the next enclosure, which is where we petted some goats and admired a funny little chap!

This amazing little kid was literally kidding about all day long. He was best friends with the pony and got really excited to be around it taking rides on it’s back. Certainly had the bystanders smiling. 🐐

After stopping for a spot of lunch at the cafΓ¨ (which was very reasonably priced! – A kids snack box containing jelly, drink carton, crisps, a penguin and sandwich for Β£3.95) we made it back in time for the lemur talk.

We were allowed to stand within the outdoor grounds where they habitate whilst the keeper fed and talked about their lifestyle. You aren’t allowed to touch them and small children and babies should be carried, but they were harmlessly enjoying their food as they weren’t being scared off or distracted by us following the keepers instructions.

Walking around the route there are various different birds who are very talkative and friendly. I was hooting at the snowy owl which was talking back and the more colourful birds chirping away at us.

Our favourite of them all had to be this gorgeous fella though. He loved getting his head tickled, was wolf whistling and saying hello to us.
Please note: You should not stroke these animals! My partner has handled these birds and knows they can turn temperament when they feel like it! Luckily this guy was lovely!

In my opinion the most mesmerising location within the whole place has to be the Butterfly House


It’s filled with all different species of butterflies and birds flying around the bewildering scenery of plants and trees, and terapins and fish swimming in the little stream.

It’s like a large indoor greenhouse, very humid but peaceful and tranquil, water running and wildlife making noises all around you.

With all the interesting and memorable areas covered, we let the kids finish by burning off some steam in the adventure and play park.

With castles to climb and slides to exit we came across the kids personal favourite the zip wire.


But the funniest of all the rides had to be this one below. The whole family were in stitches (including my daughter)

Honestly, we spent from around 11am until 3:30pm at this place and it’s definitely gone to the top of our list for family days out and attractions nearby.

Tickets can be bought in advance on the Tropical Butterfly House website or on the day at the kiosk.
You can also plan your VIP experiences, book birthday parties and check out upcoming events.

Keep it social by checking them out on;

Thanks for reading ❀

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