Spring Health with Chemist.co.uk

Recently I’ve been getting back into fitness and dieting along with getting healthier in general now spring is upon us, so I thought I’d try Chemist.co.uk.


On the website you can search by categories if you know what you are looking for or you can type symptoms in the search bar which I thought was really useful. For example I suffer with bloating….


This will then list products relating to that particular symptom. You can then click into the product to read more information.

So for my order, I requested;


I then made it habit to incorporate the vitamins and juice into my spring health routine.

Each morning I will get up I have a shot of Aloe Vera Juice, a shot of Acai Superfruit Juice, take two of my bloating capsules, a Vitamin B1 tablet and a Garlic tablet. Guzzled down with a protein shake.

I have been doing the above for just under a month and my bloating has decreased significantly! I feel more sprightly and energised and I don’t feel as though I have to drag myself to the gym as I feel better in myself.

I have been looking at their website and they sell everything from slimming aids, to children’s medicine, sport and fitness, hair and beauty products to name a few.

I will definitely continue to use Chemist.co.uk.

You simply search the products, add them to your basket, if there are any health warnings or disclaimers these flag up (don’t worry they don’t sell to just anyone), and then pay for your products like online shopping. They were then delivered to my door the very next day.



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