Semi permanent makeup by Fiona Oates Permanent Makeup

What’s the hype about permanent makeup?

I’m going to explain all you need to know….

So I had seen lots of microblading, semi-permanent makeup and wondered what all the fuss was about and whether it was really worth it or just a hype.

Let me tell you I wouldn’t look back!

This was me before….

My top lip was none existent and my eyebrows massively overplucked from when I was a teenager.

I searched and searched for a reputable company (let’s face it – they are tattooing your face!). This is when I found Fiona Oates Permanent Makeup.

I went into Fiona Oates Beauty Rooms on Doncaster High Street for a consultation before my treatment. I filled out all the appropriate medical forms and it was at this point we looked at colours and decided what colour I wanted to have my lips and eyebrows.

At this point I should say go for a colour darker!

It looks very dark upon application but naturally as this is a tattoo it will fade upon healing.


So moving on to the big day! As you can see my eyebrows before were a bit of a shambles. Overplucked, thin and no shape.

I arrived at the salon and the first thing was numbing cream to be applied to my brows. I had a cup of coffee whilst waiting for the cream to take effect.

Once the cream had done its job, Fiona drew my brow outline. This is done by strategically measuring where your natural brow should sit based on your eye and nose alignment.

When Fiona checked I was happy it was time to tattoo.

Fiona uses tiny hairstrokes that replicate that of your natural brow hair, within the confines of the outline drawn. Once the skin is broken by the micro-needle, more numbing cream is added.

The sensation is strange. It doesn’t really hurt it feels like someone is running a pencil over your brow and tickling it. I think its the noise that sounds scary rather than the impact of the needle.

As you can see from the video I’m not wincing or squirming, it’s as simple as the above. Quite therapeutic laid there with your eyes closed – I could have fallen asleep.

When completed, I sat up straight and we checked in the mirror whether anymore hairs needed to be tattooed in or whether I was happy.

At this point it does look very neat and bold lines but the lines will fade and edges soften when healing as you’ll see later.


Happy with my brows it was time to start the numbing process on my lips.

A thick slather of cream was added as I’m not going to lie this one is a little more painful than the brows due to the skin being different.

Again, the lips were measured and cupids bow created how I desired. I had asymmetric lips before and my top lip was significantly smaller. So I requested more symmetry and a more defined top lip from Fiona.

Fiona started by tattooing the outline first, quite thick like lip liner to make sure that this area healed in a neat manner to define the line.

Again see from the video above.

Once the skin is broken more numbing cream is applied to aid its numbing effects.

As stated before this treatment is for the tougher people with a higher pain threshold I think would be a fair statement.

The numbing cream is brilliant but as the treatment continues, the lips start to feel a little bruised and swollen.

Once the outline is tattooed, circular motions are applied inwards as though the full lip is being coloured in. More numbing cream being added along the way to help with the discomfort.

The numbing cream used is amazing! As wiped away to tattoo though, you can feel the swelling occurring.

As you can see the lips look really dark in colour and slightly swollen but don’t worry this will ease off over the healing period!

The healing process

With my lips looking like I’d performed a round with Mike Tyson and my eyebrows feeling absolutely fine it was time to read my aftercare sheet.

  • Keep applying my miracle healing balm
  • Don’t get the areas wet for the next 72 hours
  • No kissing!
  • Drink through a straw where possible
  • Avoid spicy food
  • Don’t pick / peel
  • The next 72 hours is crucial for the finished results!

Day 1

As you can see packed full of colour …. not much to report balm being applied.

Day 3

My lip cream was a God send!!

Still a bit swollen….

Starting to scab up around the edges feeling rather bruised.

Drinking through a straw was bliss, although a cup of coffee was a bit odd.

Day 5

Eyebrows still in tact, starting to fade and soften …. don’t worry they come back.

Nice to be able to shower normally.

The lips starting to scab completely now and the inner lips started to come away.

Day 6-7

My inner lip completely peeling away now. The scabs really hard a bit like coldsores …. balm applied regularly!

Day 9

Actually more or less healed. My lips don’t hurt, my eyebrows are perfect and I’m feeling genuinely happy in myself.

What are my thoughts?!

I feel confident in myself.

My lips are symmetrical.

My eyebrows are perfection!

I would bare the pain again.

I would pay the money again.

All in all I am so happy with the whole experience and outcome. And I cannot wait to just roll out of bed on holiday and go down to the pool with my makeup practically done!


I will definitely be visiting Fiona Oates Permanent Makeup again when my treatment is due for top up!

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