My personalised case

Having just bought a new phone and constantly dropping my old one, I thought I would look into getting a phone case for my new Samsung Galaxy S9 plus.

I came across My Personalised Case, where not only can you choose which type of case you want hard case / soft case, but you can add whatever pictures, text or background you want too to make your personalised phone case.

So I started on the website by using the search bar to type in my phone make.

I then selected the phone and type of case I wanted ready to edit.

After clicking ‘Design now!‘, this took me to the page where I am able to edit my phone case. I started with the ‘layout‘ I wanted to use.

Having too many photographs to choose from I decided to pick a ‘collage‘ style and scrolled across before selecting my desired layout from the options.

With my layout chosen now it was time to select ‘images‘ wanted.

Click on the ‘image‘ icon and this will ask if you would like to upload images from device, from Facebook or Insragram.

Select the option and choose as desired.

I selected Facebook for example, so it enabled me to pick an album and then a picture within the album.

Once you’ve chosen a picture click on another cross ‘+’ on the phone case to select picture location and keep repeating until your phone case is full.

You can enlarge or move pictures to fit within the perimeter given.

Once all pictures are uploaded you can add ‘effects’ if required.

These consist of ‘text‘ where you can add any font and wording you would like, ‘stickers’ which are made up of lots of different emoji’s or ‘filters’, that allow you to change or enhance the colour in the photographs slightly.

When all is as desired, select the shopping trolley icon and follow the normal steps as though you are online shopping I.e. proceed to checkout, enter billing details and pay.

The pictures I chose were very important to me and close to my heart, so I couldn’t wait to see how my case had turned out.

Having lost my mum and my dad at young ages, I thought it would be nice to have memories I can take with me every day and everywhere I go.

As well as these, pictures of my family, children and partner were chosen for my case.

Something that can make me smile everytime I take out my phone.

This is how the final piece looked! I love it πŸ’–

I placed my order on the 25th May 2018, I received email confirmation that it had been shipped on the 28th May 2018 and it was on my doorstep on the 30th May 2018.

  • Just 5 days delivery from order
  • Β£18.95 including Express delivery
  • High quality images still in tact
  • Would make a great gift for Fathers Day, Birthdays or Christmas

Make your own phone case!

Use discount code: MPC-PR-UK-BBT at checkout valid until 11th May 2018

Keep in touch socially for regular updates of products and discount codes via Facebook and Instagram β™‘

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