Robinsons Hair and Tanning, Epworth

After years of homedying and sporting the mum look I thought with a day out at the races approaching next week I ought to professionally get my hair done for a change instead of “winging it“. This was before 👇

I’ve spent years dying my hair at home and only getting it cut when I have time. I’ve been lots of different colours from red, pink, dark brown to blonde and even… turquoise!

Hence, the grown out yellow-beige hairdo I was wearing prior to my visit to Robinsons Hair and Tanning in Epworth yesterday.

I’d done the usual Instagram and Pinterest hunting to find my girl crush and #hairspo to revive my style.

Chloe Brown – Instagram

So we realised this was going to be a long process and booked in half a day at the salon to recreate.

Helen, the owner of Robinsons Hair and Tanning started by lifting my hair to as light as was humanly possible, that my hair would allow without causing damage.

Voila ….

We actually had two goes at lightening because my root area was a bit yellow in colour…. expected, given my natural roots are dark brown.

The second lightening process was just applied to the roots to cause minimal harm to the ends.

With the colour lifted to an acceptable and workable standard, Helen started to paint in some dark brown roots for me giving me a blend into the blonde.

With this all washed off, she then applied some light grey toner to the ends and a dark grey toner to the roots to give my hair a silver effect.

When left to the desired time and washed out and dried it was cut to my desired style.

I wanted something quirky and a little different. So I opted for shaved around the ear and tapered into the neck, with an inverted bob style for the rest.

Look at the difference! 💖🙌

From now on I’ll definitely be ditching the box dyes and booking myself in for a regular upkeep at Robinsons Hair and Tanning

Check out their Instagram for the latest:

  • Colours
  • Mens cuts
  • Tanning
  • Womens cuts

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