Rock Up, Hull

This #SundayFunday we thought we would try something completely different yet family orientated and get the kids thinking and concentrating at Rock Up in Hull.

Please note: There is no official parking for this as it is located in St Stephen’s Shopping Centre in Hull. So your best bet is too park within the shopping centres multistorey carpark, on the second floor and walk in, then you’re practically there! Then Rock up can offer a discounted rate when showing your ticket validated at reception.

We had prebooked a space for climbing online for a family of four and a vertical dropslide priced at Β£35.

We literally Rocked Up and upon arrival I gave the receptionist the name I had booked under and was asked to read and sign a medical disclaimer for myself and the under 16’s.

With that done we were allocated coloured wristbands and directed to the briefing room for a safety brief.

With our wristbands in place we headed to the briefing room.

Here we were fitted with the correct harnesses for our size / age.

It was then explained to us that if a climbing wall was free the mat would be clipped in the up position. Stand next to the wall you want to climb, and wave at a member of staff and they will click you onto the safety rope.

Do not step into or near a mat or circle on the floor as someone will be climbing that wall and could possibly be climbing down above you.

When you have finished climbing the wall and are at the bottom you can unclip your harness from the safety rope using the tool provided.

With everyone aware of the safety rules and implications we were free to enter the climbing area.

As you can see there are so many walls to choose from. Head to head walls, stairway to heaven, and walls with different styles of foot and hand placements to get you and the kids thinking about where you are coordinating your arms and legs.

The kids could literally go to their own walls whilst you were climbing another and wave over a member of staff and you knew they were completely safe and looked after.

At the top of each climbing wall there was a ‘high five’ or red button to press which would flash to acknowledge you had achieved hitting the top.

In addition to all of the walls to choose from, there was the vertical drop slide.

You have to be taller than 120cm and book the drop slide within the same time slot as your climbing session.

I wasn’t brave enough, nor the kids tall enough, therefore I volunteered my other half to brave the challenge!

He was given a full length suit to put on, along with a helmet and his shoes were asked to be removed.

He entered into the slide and laid down and was informed of the process.

Grab the handlebars and hold tight. The rope would then lift you up the slide and you can let go at whatever point you feel comfortable (1 being the lowest – 10 the highest).

The spectators within the balcony area, cafΓ© and climbing area chanted the numbers as you ascend.

My partner said this was an amazing experience!

Literally, just after he had completed the challenge they called our colour wristbands as we had finished our hours climbing slot.

We had our harnesses removed and was free to leave the gated area into the cafΓ© to grab some refreshing drinks.

Whilst the adults were recouping their breaths the children could go into the soft play area provided to burn off even more energy!

You can also buy hot and cold food or snacks if required.

Once we’d supped our drinks and gave our aching muscles a rest, we exited into St Stephen’s Shopping Centre and did some holiday shopping ready for our upcoming break.

All in all, I found the whole experience educational, family-friendly, great exercise and most of all fun!

I felt comfortable knowing my kids were safe, looked after and could be independent within the climbing area.

The prices were so reasonable too!

The facilities were extremely clean and staff were so friendly and helpful.

I would definitely recommend to any of my friends young or old and will definitely be returning with my children!

For more places to visit in your area try searching Let’s Go with The Children and keep up to date with offers for Rock Up, Hull at their website!

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