Diggerland Yorkshire

Last #sundayfunday was wet and miserable and with us being used to having the sun lately, we thought we would embrace the rain and have some muddy good fun at Diggerland Yorkshire!

The address for Diggerland Yorkshire is; Willowbridge Ln, Castleford WF10 5NW, however if using a satnav head for the Castleford RUFC as our satnav took us in the wrong area and it’s pretty much opposite here.

The parking is free and we also noticed that the car park is used for drive in movie theatre nights too which looked cool!

Upon entering Diggerland we met the two mascots Duggy and Dotty for a photo opp whilst waiting to get into the theme park.

As you can see, best to dig out the wellies and raincoats for this place to avoid getting wet and muddy and allow you to play with the diggers without worrying about getting dirty.

I’d advise oldish clothes too!

So the cost is around £80 for a family of 4 and the opening times are 10am – 5pm, Monday through to Sunday.

As you enter to the left there is a dig-a-round ride on swings, whereby you sit in a digger bucket made into seats and the JCB driving area controls the ride to spin – so cleverly thought out!

As you can tell the kids had buckets of fun – no pun intended!

The next ride had me in hysterics…. it allowed my 5 year old to fully drive a mini landrover around an assault course, around bends and over bridges.

I’ve never seen so much concentration in a little mind! She actually did really well and accomplished without crashing.

Next was my turn to showcase my driving skills by driving the dumper truck around a large bumpy muddy track. You are allowed a child to sit on your knee providing they are over 90cm. A child over 140cm can actually drive the £16000 vehicle on their own!

The trickiest driving course by far in my opinion were the Robots. These were JCB skid steer loaders that were placed on the muddiest, slippiest track I’ve ever seen! You have to be 90cm to ride on a parents lap or 110cm to drive one unaccompanied. This meant my 5 year old could drive this by herself to my amazement… and she was brilliant at it!

One of the most therapeutic rides and places to keep dry was the Dirt Diggers – a JCB 8030 costing a whopping £28000!

Here we were able to steer the digger, scoop up some mud, move it to the pile and release it. Very good learning and coordination skills for the little ones in an exciting way.

Our favourite family ride by far was the Spindizzy!! This ride is a 22 ton Komatsu PC210LC with a 1.68m bucket to seat up to 8 people!

This ride consists of an operator sitting in the control area which spins the digger around super fast, lifts the bucket up and down and tilts the bucket forwards and backwards.

I have never heard so much giggling in my life! And when complete you can be given a photo ticket to purchase as the komatsu has a camera attached to capture the giggles. Unfortunately with the rain ours wasn’t very clear but this is good to know for a brighter day!

About half way through the day we headed to The Dig Inn for some lunch and a drink to dry off a little.

The food was reasonably priced and tasty and even indoors they have some coin operated racing cars to keep the kids entertained whilst the adults chill out.

After lunch we headed back around the theme park to have a go on some rides that we hadn’t yet discovered.

We started with a peaceful jaunt on the train, looking for gnomes, dinosaurs and car wreckages around the forest area.

This is a quieter ride where you can sit in the truck or in a little train cart trailing behind.

Next we took a ride on an £86000 JCB 540-170 weighing 10000kg named the Groundshuttle. This ride seats up to 15 people in 3 rows of 5. Once seated the seating area raises up and then the truck is driven around a muddy, bumpy pitch. With twists and turns, and bumps and jolts this is a funny, stomach churning ride with lots of laughter.

We then took our muddy boots up 50 feet in the air to the Skyshuttle. On this rise you just sit down seat belted into the JCB 540-170 and are raised 50 feet in the air to capture the birds eye view.

The view is breathtaking. You can see how large the park is in its entirety and you are literally higher than the trees. You stay elevated for 2 minutes to capture some snaps before you are brought back down to ground level.

We were then faced with some coordinated, skill type activities.

First up we had Skittles, you have to use a full-size Komatsu PC14 to knock down all 10 skittles by operating the mini wrecking ball using the steering controls inside the machine.

Great for learning and focusing on a task.

Secondly, same sort of theory but a bit like traditional hook a duck we have dippy ducks. Here you have to steer and control your machine to hook the duck. In front of the Komatsu you have a pool of water with a floating duck and a hook attached. But instead of a wrecking ball you have a wire loop which you have to capture your duck. Once captured you have to drop it to the side on dry land.

Finally for skill and coordination we have Buried Treasure. A bit like the last 2 it involves steering and controls but this one was a little more difficult as you have to scoop 3 bricks up, hold them in the air and release the bricks onto the elevated concrete side.

Three very challenging tasks but so fun and educational as you are learning new skills!

The eventful day was finalised with a coffee in the fun packed indoor play area as the kids burned off more steam.

I also found a party room which you can book for both adult or children’s parties.

Children parties are priced at £16.99 a head with a minimum or 10 and more info can be found here.

Adults party packages and options can be found here.

You can also experience JCB driving, safari riding, dumper racing and much more if you’re over 17 … perfect unique gifts and experiences can be found here.

This place has 4 fantastic locations;

Diggerland Kent, Medway Valley Leisure Park, Roman Way, Strood, Kent, ME2 2NU – Visit in Google Maps

Diggerland Devon, Verbeer Manor, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 2PE – Visit in Google Maps

Diggerland Durham, Langley Park, Co. Durham, DH7 9TT – Visit in Google Maps

Diggerland Yorkshire, Willowbridge Lane, Whitwood, West Yorkshire, WF10 5NW – Visit in Google Maps

And whether you’re a family, birthday party, couple or digger fanatic you’ll be sure to have an amazing time!

Until 28th October 2018, you can find 15% OFF with Let’s go with the children you can also find more fun days out here too!!

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