Arbonne skincare and cosmetics

Up next guys, I have some Arbonne products from Benji Steele The first point I’m going to start with is that all of these products are all pH correct, hypoallergenic, vegan certified, gluten free, no mineral oil, no petroleum, dermatologist tested, never ever tested on animals, parraban free so pretty much as natural as canContinue reading “Arbonne skincare and cosmetics”

Demis one stop beauty shop 💕

So today’s review is two products from the lovely Demi Lathams one stop beauty shop. To try out I was given an anti cellulite cream and some liquid foundation ….. Porcelain color for my fair complexion. So I’ll start with the foundation. 👩 The consistency of the liquid was almost that of water so toContinue reading “Demis one stop beauty shop 💕”

Botox in a bottle face mask 😄

I’ve had this botox in a bottle face mask sent by the lovely Louize Yvonne Jordan from pizzazz forever for some time (sorry hun!) But I finally got around to trying it : Unfortunately the before pictures don’t really show much justice as I’ve got younger skin I haven’t any wrinkles (yet!) … The frownContinue reading “Botox in a bottle face mask 😄”

2 Week cluster lashes and hopi candle ear treatment (fly away beauty treatments)

So today I went to see the gorgeous Nicole White at Fly Away Beauty Treatments I was meant to have a body wrap but because Nicole is highly professional and didn’t realise I was taking slimming tablets I didn’t have this treatment in case any of the ingredients in the tablets would trigger a reactionContinue reading “2 Week cluster lashes and hopi candle ear treatment (fly away beauty treatments)”

self tan from

So ladies this is pretty self explanatory … its basically a self tan #medium colour, that you apply with a mit or gloves (or of you have two kids and are classy like me my husbands sock) 😂😂 So the colour of this tan is #medium but I have applied a few layers as IContinue reading “self tan from”

F.A.S.T Shampoo and conditioner

So I was given 3 tester sachets of shampoo and conditioner from F.A.S.T a company who’s products claim to promote a healthy and rapid hair growth. I spread this over 2 uses per sachet totalling 6 uses of each. Well today I came home to another 3 sachets of each, and also a conditioning hairContinue reading “F.A.S.T Shampoo and conditioner”

Body inch loss wrap (forever living)

So yesterday I went to see Nicole at Fly Away Beauty Treatments situated in Barnsley town centre to have a body inch loss wrap. Instantly you just click with Nicole. She’s so friendly and chatty that you just feel comfortable and at ease in her presence. So with the inch loss wrap you can haveContinue reading “Body inch loss wrap (forever living)”