Arbonne skincare and cosmetics

Up next guys, I have some Arbonne products from Benji Steele

The first point I’m going to start with is that all of these products are all pH correct, hypoallergenic, vegan certified, gluten free, no mineral oil, no petroleum, dermatologist tested, never ever tested on animals, parraban free so pretty much as natural as can get and great for vegans and people who strictly use non-carcinogenic items. I was super impressed by this before even trying!


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Demis one stop beauty shop 💕

So today’s review is two products from the lovely Demi Lathams one stop beauty shop.

To try out I was given an anti cellulite cream and some liquid foundation ….. Porcelain color for my fair complexion. So I’ll start with the foundation. 👩

The consistency of the liquid was almost that of water so to be honest I thought the coverage would be to transparent and not cover any blemishes. The smell was quite strange too …. Kind of reminded me of burnt wood or bonfire night funnily enough. As I started to cover my face though I was instantly hooked! I’d not used a primer or a concealer first as I wanted to see what the foundation was like on its own and it didn’t disappoint.

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Botox in a bottle face mask 😄

I’ve had this botox in a bottle face mask sent by the lovely Louize Yvonne Jordan from pizzazz forever for some time (sorry hun!)

But I finally got around to trying it :

Unfortunately the before pictures don’t really show much justice as I’ve got younger skin I haven’t any wrinkles (yet!) … The frown line maybe. But that said this product definitely rejuvenated and brightened up my face


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The Soap House Co.


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So this company is a really cute, unique little company that hand makes different scented and flavoured soaps and lip balms from all natural oils meaning the majority of their products are allergen free

Β When the package arrived I was overwhelmed and excited. I received a box of different items and inside was 3 different soaps individually packed in their own cardboard printed holder and inside neatly wrapped in decorative tissue paper also and the balms also in tissue but in their own little carriable pots neatly labelled with company details and flavour.

Β So the soaps were as follows;

1 x Lightly Scented Lemon & Lime

1 x Pure & Simple

1 x Lighty Scented Lavendar

Β All three of these were exactly as described. Not too overpowering but a subtle scent, my personal favourite being the…

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Lesley Turley – semi permanent makeup 💋

So here are some pictures of my semi permanent lip journey to date from the lovelyΒ Lesley Turleys permanent cosmetics. (Doncaster, Leeds, Huddersfield and Bradford) I’ve made a picture sequence numbered 1-6 of the process …


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Waist training journey so far…

So I’m currently on Day 5 of my waist training journey and I’m loving it!! 😍😍

When I first ever put on the waist trainer it felt really tight and I could only hack 2 hours with the compression of the bones in the corset (this is normal – see picture below 📷 )

2015-02-21 11.22.50

But as of day 2 I felt a lot better! I felt more comfortable and I was able to wear for the recommended 8 hours daily :mrgreen:

now on Day 5 my appetite has been reduced and my belly even without the garment generally looks and feels better. But more importantly I managed to tighten the hooks to the tightest setting … AND feel comfortable! Take a look …

2015-02-21 12.37.11

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Pure slimming ltd weight loss review

Weight loss journey solely from taking Lipolos Complex and H2O MAX from Caroline PSltd TickleΒ at Pure Slimming Ltd.

So I’m currently on Day 10 of the tablets and I’m 6 lb down which is amazing and my bloating has seriously decreased too leaving my stomach flatter!!

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Makeover photo studio 📷

We went to see Lydia to select our prints! If you look further down the blog or in the reviews there’s a detailed explanation of what took place .. The hair, the makeup and then the shoot πŸ™‚

The makeup and beauty studio is Lydias facebook page (doncaster based). There’s 10% off your first treatment or shoot if you quote ‘beauty by trial’ upon booking.

I’ll leave you with a sneak peak before and after shot 😱😱😱


Who are them gorgeous ladies 😜 Lydia worked her magic on!? 😍

semi permanent makeup … πŸ˜—

So I’ve just started my semi permanent makeup process courtesy of (Doncaster Bradford Huddersfield and Leeds areas)

I previously had a consultation and anaesthetic patch test. I also picked my desired pigment to have of my lips.


So today was D-day …. Lesley started by putting the anaesthetic on my lips and around the mouth area. Then after 10 minutes or so when the lips were numbed and I was dribbling haha, with careful precision and accuracy she marked my desired shape / outline with lip liner.

After I had checked and was happy the tattooing process began. Starting with the outline and a further “broken wound” numbing agent working inwards to the plumper part of the actual lip.

It felt like a tattoo on the different part of the body and not any more painful. The most painful part was the stinging afterwards and the swelling. 3-4 hours later the swelling has disappeared though.

Any who enough talking! Pictures and an update of the healing process later …


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