The strap saver!! Saggy boobs no more 😱

My next blog post brings you a nifty little gadget created to transform your bras ladies!! 👌 The Strap Saver! Ever had a bra with straps so slack you wondered why you put it on in the first place? We’ve all been there, straps falling down. Pulling them up every two minutes. Not even supportingContinue reading “The strap saver!! Saggy boobs no more 😱”

With Tags Boutique 👗👜👠

WithTags® Boutique are an online clothing boutique which stocks well known brands, along with exciting up & coming labels in sizes 6-16. They ship internationally too! They stock an array of different collections and outfits covering looks of suave and sophistication for those office meets, to casual-chic flirty numbers for those girly catch ups orContinue reading “With Tags Boutique 👗👜👠”